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Born:  26th December, 1994
Height: 6'0
Hobbies: Eating, football and PES 2008
Favourite album: All Eyez on Me - Tupac
Favourite film: The Lion King
Favourite Sri Lankan: Mithushan Sivagurunathar
Second favourite flavour of Pringles: Sour Cream and Onion

I came into existence in Hackney and moved from East London to live in Cambridge in 1999, where I have resided since. Growing up my musical interests were all based around RnB and hip-hop, with heavy influences from Michael Jackson too. In terms of music performance, I played the piano and clarinet for about 15 years combined, but never got into drums (the usual expectation!)


I got into beatboxing at the age of 17. My route into it wasn’t all that conventional – I started imitating songs on the radio and my sister said she could tell which songs they were. So I had a look on the web for something to channel this ‘thing’ into, and I found beatbox. With support from a friend, I decided to apply for my school talent show which I was lucky enough to win, and that really motivated me to spend some serious time on beatboxing over the summer holidays. Before coming to Uni I won another talent show and knew that this was something I really wanted to pursue long-term.


I stumbled upon SOP during the 2013 Freshers Fair at Uni (I was actually looking for £1 pizzas, fate is real!), and it’s been such a life-changing journey ever since! I guess I’m now at a place where I’m really enjoying discovering avenues that beatbox can go down, with another beatboxer, in acapella (my job), and even with other kinds of musicians! Needless to say it’s a blessing to have my newfound love set to become my full-time profession.

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