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Born: 13th November, 1990
Height: 6'2
Hobbies: Wasting time on video games and eating cheese
Favourite album: Queens of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf
Favourite film: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Favourite raw material: Lumber
Favourite smell: Bacon (cooking) or petrol

I was in born in Bath, Somerset but grew up on the green green grass of Shropshire - Britain’s largest landlocked county. I played rugby for Whitchurch Rugby Club (and for my school) before breaking my arm at the age of 15 - which is when my foray into the world of acting and music began. Since then I’ve found myself in numerous bands, school choirs and karaoke situations, all leading to my eventual induction into The Sons of Pitches in 2013. I am probably the least technically proficient member of The Sons but what I lack in music theory knowledge I make up in mouth size and impressions of Chris Tarrant. 


My role in The Sons has largely been influenced by my background in improvised comedy and general comedic performing. Myself and my school friends spent most of our time talking through obscure characters and enacting scenes while on our lunch break - in hindsight I’m surprised we weren’t shunned by our peers for such activities. This all led to a huge amount of time at University being spent at weekly ‘improv’ sessions and acting in sketch shows. The opportunity that I have in The Sons to talk to an audience and create songs on the spot for them is something that I really cherish and will never cease to enjoy. 


Music has been a hugely important part of my life for as long as I remember. Some of my earliest memories involve listening to Earth, Wind & Fire on long car journeys with my brother sat next to me or only having one album (Daft Punk - Discovery) that I listened to on repeat. Not only has music informed what friends I have and how I bond with loved ones but it has literally been the soundtrack to the most important moments in my life - something that probably rings true with anyone reading this! Being able to say that music is my career is a huge honour for me and one that I will continually relish until I stop and open my own coffee shop. 

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